We are a family-run business located in Spain (on the tropical coast of Granada) and we produce and sell fruit and vegetables.

We export our produce all over Europe -including Russia-, North America and Africa. We also supply the national market, which is very important to us.
The general manager is José Antonio Vallejo, who is also the sales manager, and has been working in this sector since 1998. In this adventure, he is accompanied by a dedicated team of professionals. One of our company’s most outstanding features is that we sell our OWN PRODUCE, which allows us to follow the production process closely from the plantations to the final manufacturing. Besides, in our staff we have professional farmers who tend our crops on a daily basis.
Innovation is another of our strengths. Nobody likes to fall behind, but very few dare to go ahead of the others. We always make the effort to put across how committed we are to constant improvement, by always offering the best produce and been greatful to our clients for their unwavering trust.
We deal mainly in tropical and subtropical fruit, particularly the “chirimoya” (custard apple). We have always invested our efforts in growing the “chirimoya” with designation of origin of the Granada-Málaga tropical coast, something which differenciates us in the market and we feel particularly proud of.
We provide our clients with a customized service and we have all the systems to certify the quality from the production to the consumer, including the organic certification, which is so important nowadays.

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Our Facilities

Our premises are spacious and modern, easily accesible to load and unload the produce, which the truck drivers very much appreciate. We use state-of-the-art technology: the most advanced cooling systems with humidifiers and ethylene collectors, plus the best machinery to manufacture the products. Very often this machinery is designed specially for us in order to meet our specific needs, it also has very advanced software which allows us to follow the production process closely.

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 Agricultural professionals follow our farms daily.