Exotic Citrus

We incorporate a range of Gourmet Exotics  into our production.

Under protective mesh, we grow the following citrus fruits giving them all the care they deserve.


Name: Kumquat

Commonly known as “Chinese orange”, it is rich in vitamin C and has a strong antioxidant power. It is eaten with the skin, which has a sweet taste, which contrasts with its acidic pulp.


Name: Limequat

This small lemon has similar characteristics to Kumquat, but with the particularity that being a citrus that has hardly any calories, it is perfectly suited to diets whose objective is weight loss.

Buddha’s hand

Name: Buddha’s hand

Among the properties that it can provide us are vitamin C, B, E and citric acid. It is a good anti-inflammatory, decongestant, digestive protector and antioxidant among others. It also has an exquisite perfume, which makes it ideal for scenting products and homes.


Name: Fingerlime

It is a great antiseptic, promotes digestion and is a diuretic; In addition, it contains large amounts of Vitamin C and B6.

Yuzu Lemon

Name: Yuzu Lemon

It contains three times more vitamin C than lemon, it is rich in flavonoid antioxidants as well as collagen and vitamin P. It also contains appreciable amounts of organic acids such as malic acid and citric acid.

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