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From Agrojete we want to convey our commitment to constant improvement, always offering the best of each product and thank the trust that our customers place in us every day.

In our assortment you will always find the most striking products and new varieties because we love to innovate!

Custard apple – Anona´s ®

Name: Custard apple – Anona´s ®

The custard apple is the product that characterizes us and that we commercialize under the standards of the C.R.D.O of the Cherimoya being “Anona’s” a benchmark in the market. Thanks to the unique climate in Europe that accompanies the Granada coast and our R + D + I techniques, we have managed to supply this product from September to May with total quality.

Avocado AgroJete ®

Name: Avocado AgroJete ®

The avocado is an original fruit from Mexico. We highlight the HASS and Lamb Hass varieties in our plantations, which have a thick, rough skin and have a creamy pulp without fibers. Our goal is to reverse the way the sector is currently working, starting each variety at the right time to ensure total product quality.

Mango – M&GO Deluxe ®

Name: Mango – M&GO Deluxe ®

The Spanish mango has had a very progressive growth on the Andalusian coast, specifically in Malaga and Granada. The varieties we have selected (Osteen, Keitt and Kent) allow us to position ourselves in the market for 4 months.
We offer an authentic mango ripened on the tree and worked by hand, to achieve maximum freshness, color and interior quality.

Medlar-Golden Nugget ®

Name: Medlar-Golden Nugget ®

Our medlars are cultivated under protective nets against winds, hail, frost, etc. This has made us pioneers in this type of cultivation and has distinguished us in terms of quality in the sector. The work is completely handmade, each piece being selected manually, as it is a very delicate fruit.

Chinese cabbage – Freshcol ®

Name: Chinese cabbage – Freshcol ®

It is a 100% export product, which we grow guaranteeing 0% pesticides. The use in production of Thermal blanket allows us to supply Chinese Cabbage of superior quality characterized by its firmness and free of floral stems. We are practically unique producers in Granada.

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